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Developer API

The spark API allows plugin/mod developers to access information recorded by spark for use in other systems.

It is recommended that developers use the API instead of accessing spark's internals directly. If the API doesn't do something you need, just ask and we can look into adding more functionality!

Importing the API

The API artifact is published to the Sonatype Snapshots repository.

You can import/depend on it in your project easily using Gradle or Maven. Just add the following to your buildscript or pom.



Accessing the API

The main API package is me.lucko.spark.api and the main API interface is me.lucko.spark.api.Spark.

The Spark interface is provided as a "service" on platforms that have a ServiceManager. Alternatively, you can obtain an instance using the SparkProvider singleton.

For example, on Bukkit, you can use:

RegisteredServiceProvider<Spark> provider = Bukkit.getServicesManager().getRegistration(Spark.class);
if (provider != null) {
Spark spark = provider.getProvider();


On all platforms, you can use:

Spark spark = SparkProvider.get();

Note: the #get method will throw an IllegalStateException if spark is not loaded yet!

Using the API

The spark API currently exposes a number of statistics which are recorded/calculated by spark. These can all be retrieved from the Spark interface.


To get information about the TPS measurement according to spark's calculations...

// Get the TPS statistic (will be null on platforms that don't have ticks!)
DoubleStatistic<StatisticWindow.TicksPerSecond> tps = spark.tps();

// Retrieve the average TPS in the last 10 seconds / 5 minutes
double tpsLast10Secs = tps.poll(StatisticWindow.TicksPerSecond.SECONDS_10);
double tpsLast5Mins = tps.poll(StatisticWindow.TicksPerSecond.MINUTES_5);


To get information about the MSPT (milliseconds per tick / tick duration) measurement...

// Get the MSPT statistic (will be null on platforms that don't support measurement!)
GenericStatistic<DoubleAverageInfo, StatisticWindow.MillisPerTick> mspt = spark.mspt();

// Retrieve the averages in the last minute
DoubleAverageInfo msptLastMin = mspt.poll(StatisticWindow.MillisPerTick.MINUTES_1);
double msptMean = msptLastMin.mean();
double mspt95Percentile = msptLastMin.percentile95th();

CPU Usage

To get information about the CPU usage measurement...

// Get the CPU Usage statistic
DoubleStatistic<StatisticWindow.CpuUsage> cpuUsage = spark.cpuSystem();

// Retrieve the average usage percent in the last minute
double usagelastMin = cpuUsage.poll(StatisticWindow.CpuUsage.MINUTES_1);


To get information about the GC activity measurement...

// Retrieve the GC activity since the server started
Map<String, GarbageCollector> gc = spark.gc();

for (GarbageCollector collector : gc.values()) {
String name =;
long frequency = collector.avgFrequency();
double time = collector.avgTime();